Destinasi Cinta Bersama Air Asia

The sharing of new experience of Malaysian celebrities with their loved ones in the respective destinations through-out Asia. This programme features a travelogue on multiple destinations and excitement during their travel.

The episodes feature different unique destinations ranging from romantic to adventure, exotic and luxury. The aim was to showcase Asian/Regional/Long-Haul destinations for friends and families and to introduce the getaways to different target segments such as the getaways for family or even a weekend adventure for the kith. This programme also portrayed exciting friends & family vacations with young children and adult.

Self-explanatory by the celebrities, their friends and families in sharing their thoughts and experience of their vacation/getaway in their particular destination. Their testimonials used as guides by venue providers (i.e. hotel or resort personnel, sponsors & producers)

  • Client

    Astro Ria
    Air Asia

  • Genre

    TV Show

  • Deliverables

    22 minutes x 26 episodes

  • Awards & Achievements

    Malaysian Media Awards Finalist Best Use of Television 2013

  • Year


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